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Recruiters in the Food & Nutraceutical Industries

Resume tips to separate you from your peers

Hiring managers are not interested in what activities you do on a daily basis – they are interested in how well you perform in those activities. Depending on where you are in your career, it may be difficult to explain what impact you had in your role, but cutting and pasting your job description is…
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Is it time to move on?

When we are networking with passive candidates, I come across 4 different scenarios that candidates are “living with” in their jobs. 

Want to make an impact? Stop bitc*ing and do something about it.

I love what I do as an executive recruiter – I find it rewarding to help individuals make a transition from one company to another, to progress from one stage in their career to another. I’m fortunate that I hear so many people’s career “stories”, good and bad; some people’s careers progress upward like rocket ships…
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4 reasons to move on…..

In just one day of speaking with passive candidates(they weren’t looking for a job when I called them), I came across 4 different scenarios that candidates were “living with” in their jobs.  If you’re experiencing any of these dynamics or already know it’s time for you to make a change and explore other options. How do…
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Just do it * Career Advice for the Risk-Avoiders

Finding the right career or considering a new role in a city you’re not familiar with is fraught with risk and angst….but you have control over how you perceive and handle that risk.  My best career advice to you?  It’s all in how you frame it. Mike Rowe shared great insight into just this subject…
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Non-compete agreements * BE NOT AFRAID

As a niche recruiter who works within a very tightly wound industry where “everybody knows everybody”, I run into non-compete agreements on a daily basis. Lots of people that I connect with tell me they are “not interested, not looking, content where they are” only because they’ve got a non-compete in place…otherwise brilliant, rational, and high-integrity people…
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