In just one day of speaking with passive candidates(they weren’t looking for a job when I called them), I came across 4 different scenarios that candidates were “living with” in their jobs.  If you’re experiencing any of these dynamics or already know it’s time for you to make a change and explore other options.

How do you know it’s time to move on?

  1. When you look back on how you came to your position, you realize that you were a “square peg” trying to fit into a “round hole”. Sometimes it’s only after lots of turmoil that you realize it was never meant to be. Time to move on….
  2. When your boss has stopped mentoring you – when the person to whom you report has forgotten his/her most important function – leadership and mentoring – it’s time to move on. If you never had this type of relationship with your boss, it was never the right fit. Time to move on…
  3. When you’ve lost respect for your boss – for whatever reason. If trust has been broken, betrayed, ethical lines crossed, etc., it’s best to give it a day or two to mull over, but working with someone who you don’t respect and can’t trust is not a recipe for on-going job satisfaction or career success. Time to move on….
  4. If you don’t have an incentive to improve other than your own personal reasons. If your employer doesn’t have an incentive plan or career plan set up for you that’s a) in writing b) financial in nature and c) time-specific, then it’s time to consider other opportunities.

Is it time for YOU to move on?

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