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Ask the right question & get your opening filled faster

Ask the right question & get your opening filled faster

Some companies have a centralized recruitment function where HR or Talent Acquisition is responsible for the brunt of the work.

That’s not an acceptable excuse for abandoning YOUR responsibility as a discipline leader to influence the recruitment process.

* IDENTIFICATION(Who do I want? Where do they work now?, What skills do they possess?)

* ASSESSMENT(matching the resume against the person and the role)

* CAPTURE(the “sell”) of top talent into the organization.

When you’re in front of your investors, Board, VP, etc. and being assessed as an effective leader(or not), you “own” the makeup of your staff and their results.  Talent Acquisition doesn’t.

You personally are ultimately judged as an effective magnet for talent or not.

Don’t take the easy way out and think Talent Acquisition has all the bases covered – they WANT your input.

A 3rd party recruiter WANTS your feedback.

Not sure how to hold Talent Acquisition accountable?  LISTEN BELOW.