Want to make an impact? Stop bitc*ing and do something about it.

I love what I do as an executive recruiter – I find it rewarding to help individuals make a transition from one company to another, to progress from one stage in their career to another. I’m fortunate that I hear so many people’s career “stories”, good and bad; some people’s careers progress upward like rocket ships and others stall out or take a more circuitous route.


4 reasons to move on…..

In just one day of speaking with passive candidates(they weren’t looking for a job when I called them), I came across 4 different scenarios that candidates were “living with” in their jobs.  If you’re experiencing any of these dynamics or already know it’s time for you to make a change and explore other options. How do […]

Non-compete agreements * BE NOT AFRAID

As a niche recruiter who works within a very tightly wound industry where “everybody knows everybody”, I run into non-compete agreements on a daily basis. Lots of people that I connect with tell me they are “not interested, not looking, content where they are” only because they’ve got a non-compete in place…otherwise brilliant, rational, and high-integrity people […]

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