Food Safety Culture – what’s missing?

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One of the big undertakings I’ve taken on with our Food Safety Practice at Gulf Stream Search is incorporating pre-employment assessments and helping companies improve their interviewing techniques in food and beverage companies.

Before I started in recruiting in 2000, I spent 9 years in instruction and training of high performance athletes as well as growing technology companies.

The same adage held true then as it does now – even with the best training, the best instruction and the best intentions, no degree of training or instruction will change a student’s behavior if they are not willing, capable or mentally ready to implement the appropriate change.

And that’s why, with the work we do helping companies elevate their Food Safety Culture by identifying and recruiting stronger talent into their organizations, I’m so focused on driving awareness to how food and beverage companies are approaching their Food Safety Culture, the good and the bad.

It’s not that the training, or the trainers, or the training companies aren’t effective at what they do.

It’s that it’s only part of the equation.

The missing ingredient is what I discuss over at The Food Safety Insider – Food Safety Culture: The Missing Ingredient.

Please read, share your comments, subscribe and if you are ready and believe we can help you and your company achieve your end goals of a strong Food Safety Culture and reduced Cost of Quality, then let’s talk.

Please comment below and share this post with others who’ll appreciate it.

Signature Bob Pudlock Food Safety Insider

Bob Pudlock is the publisher of Food Safety Insider and President of Gulf Stream Search, a search firm that specializes in placing top talent with consumer packaged goods companies and the technology companies(SaaS and PaaS) that support them.  

Bob is one of North America’s most-respected and top Food Safety recruiters.

The Food Safety Insider has been recognized as one of the top food safety blogs by Feedspot.



This post was updated October 1, 2020.

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