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Gulf Stream Search is your best resource for career advice.

Trying to find the best job in the food industry?
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Gulf Stream Search gives you real-world career advice.


On a daily basis, we refine our ability to be discerning about the companies we work with, the roles we represent for them and the individuals we help in their careers.

We have a unique perch from which we observe people’s careers and how their decision making impacts their happiness and fulfillment.

We have seen how a decision made impulsively(for more money, a flashier title, chasing stock options, a sexy start-up) can impact a person(and their family) for the next 10 years.

We have seen how the lack of action(attaching your career to a flailing industry, sticking with the comfortable, staying put as a company’s fortunes plummet) can leave an otherwise talented individual without income and limiting career prospects.

We also have walked alongside thousands of individuals as they make these decisions, whether it was with a client of ours or a role they found on their own.

We leverage all of our past experiences so we can be that much more thoughtful and valuable to the next person we speak with.

We take the role of a “connector” seriously.

If we are aware of potential conflicts for a role you’re considering, we will bring it up for you to evaluate.

We believe that withholding information is as dishonest as making an untruthful statement.

We believe that the most powerful relationships are ones you enter into with eyes wide open, taking the good with the bad, bad with the good.

Making a career move is one of the biggest decisions a person makes.

It is an emotional roller coaster, fraught with land mines.

We practice empathy, impart wisdom, and kick you in the as* if necessary to help you through your job search.


Although we are in the business of encouraging people to make career changes, we don’t assume you’re ready, willing or able to make a change.

We also are not judge and jury on whether or not you have the capacity, talent or skill sets necessary to be successful in different environments.

That’s why we utilize testing and diagnostic tools to support your career search, as we do with our clients.

We use every resource available to us to enable you to find roles that are aligned with your personal and professional aspirations.


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On on on-going basis, we are actively representing clients for specific roles that have been budgeted, approved and are actively or soon to be interviewing.

We reach out to you regarding specific roles.

Though it may not specifically be of interest or the timing isn’t right, it’s a good opportunity to spend 15 minutes together to get us up to speed on what you’re doing it, where you’re doing it, and what your next 90-180 days looks like in terms of:

a) promotional opportunities
b) personal obligations
c) potential changes in personal circumstances that could affect your employment
d) travel schedule
e) project timelines, deadlines, commitments, etc.

That one short phone call helps keep you “top of mind” as we’re networking and speaking with clients down the road.

It’s these type conversations that, when tracking back on our hundreds of placements, are what positioned us to help each individual and get them to the head of the line when their ideal job popped up on the radar.

When it’s appropriate, we take a highly-targeted, discrete approach to identifying opportunities on your behalf.

Based on an in-depth information gathering sessions, we create a targeted marketing plan and discretely and confidentially approach employers.

For individuals with unique skill sets, highly impactful accomplishments and a high degree of adaptability, this is a highly effective way to identify hidden opportunities with limited competition from other candidates vying for the same role.

This approach is best suited for the following situations:

a) you and/or a significant other are looking to relocate to another city.
b) you’re currently employed, have limited time to search on your own, but are compelled to move on from your current role.
c) you have a narrow set of skills, category experience, or industry focus and are looking to expand into something else.

We work in sync with your own search efforts, or we handle it all for you.? In either case, we are compensated by employers should we assist you in securing a new role.

We do provide value-added tools that offer you additional insight into your marketable skills and attributes – additionally, we offer add-on diagnostic tools that you can use to tailor your job search presentation more effectively.? We offer these tools through our Gulf Stream Growth coaching programs.

Through our Be Iconic? and Leadership Development Programs at Gulf Stream Growth, we help you bridge the gap between your current role and your next promotion at your current company.

Through our Everything DISC? and PXT Select? professional development tools, we design ready-to-apply, immediately actionable plans for you to accelerate your career path in your current company.

We help individual contributors transition into supervisory, management and leadership-level roles smoothly and effectively.

We help senior executives transition into their new roles.

We help everyone manage their own career path, navigate difficult situations and adapt to the changing workplace.

If you’d like to discuss your career and how we might help you, contact us here.

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