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The PXT Select? Leadership Report, paired with Gulf Stream Search’s one-on-one consultation, identifies and prescribes solutions that make you a more effective leader.

PXT Select? Sample Reports
PXT Select? Sample Reports

One of the most powerful tools in the PXT Select? toolbox is the PXT Select? Leadership Report.

Leaders like you spend so much time focused on projects, leading others and communicating upward and outward to your stakeholders – it leaves little time for self-reflection.

Self-reflection and personal development are crucial to maintaining your career development and ascension.

When you don?t take time to reflect on your behavior, your shortcomings keep you in place.

You run the risk of getting tuned out by your team – learn more about the Engagement Gap HERE.

At Gulf Stream Search, we pair the PXT Select? Leadership Report with a comprehensive, confidential review of your current responsibilities and future aspirations in a one-on-one consultation.

Once we?ve done that, we align your assessment results against a ?stretch? role – one that you aspire to.? If you?re falling short in your current role, we can even objectively, using our psychometric assessments, identify the critical gaps that you need to spend more time on.

Beyond just a diagnosis, we give you solutions to help you become a more effective leader.

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