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Get access to top QMS software sales jobs

Table of Contents

We help talented professionals land the best QMS software sales jobs with leading SaaS companies.

These SaaS companies help pharmaceutical, life sciences, food and beverage, nutraceutical and other managements in highly regulated industries stay in compliance and quality-focused.

Gulf Stream Search is an executive search firm that specializes in the placement of top talent with SaaS companies throughout the US, with a deep focus on companies that sell into regulated industries.

Process manufacturers are transforming their processes and how they take their medicine, food, supplement and cosmetic products to market.

These companies have historically been heavily paper-based with highly complex supply chains and distributed teams.

Our clients, top Quality Management Systems(QMS) software companies, help these manufacturers transform their redundant systems, help them stay compliant with regulators and give executive teams visibility across their entire business.

Gulf Stream Search works with these QMS software companies and helps them identify top software sales professionals, especially regional sales, enterprise sales and industry-focused subject matter experts.  experience.  

If you’re a top producing software sales professional, we’re the perfect SaaS recruiting firm for you – we’ll help you discreetly and confidentially identify your next QMS software sales job or other SaaS sales jobs that have similar focus

Quality Management Software Sales jobs with QMS software companies - Gulf Stream Search leading SaaS recruiting company

What is Quality Management Software?

One of the fastest growing segments of the SaaS software industry is the QMS(Quality Management Systems) software niche.

Quality Management Software, or QMS software, is a tool that helps manufacturers, consumer brands and contract manufacturers stay compliant with regulatory and certification requirements.

In many of these companies, documenting, storing and retrieving data for regulatory requirements is still paper-based.  Technology and the emergence of cloud-based software applications helps these companies move away from paper and closer to a completely integrated system that gives employees, suppliers, partners and executive teams visibility into their companies regulatory and quality processes.

A pharmaceutical company uses QMS software to create a centralized “hub” to track, trace, document and access information associated with 

  • Product safety
  • Product quality
  • Regulatory compliance

Once a company implements compliance software, they’re able to realize significant gains and efficiencies across the entire business.

In case an audit or worse yet, a customer has a negative reaction or issue with a product, a company with a QMS system and respond faster and potentially prevent further injury, harm or death.

What type of sales jobs are QMS software companies looking to fill?

Software as a Service (SaaS) plays an integral role within modern day manufacturers.

When a manufacturer or consumer products brand brings a product to market, the recipe, formula, supplier list, product development team and manufacturing process is highly complex, data-driven and highly regulated.

When process manufacturers and their product development teams gain access to the same platform via the cloud, “time to market” can be reduced without sacrificing quality, accuracy, safety or profit.

The QMS and compliance software space is highly competitive – startups and mid-size SaaS companies have to aggressively and successfully educate, influence and ultimately convert prospects that move into their sales funnels.

Once potential customers are in the sales funnel, it’s the responsibility of the sales team to convert them into paying customers.

That’s where building out a strong sales team becomes necessary.

For any SaaS sales professional with a passion for sales, keeping consumers safe and helping CPG, life sciences and food and beverage companies bring quality products to market, there is a high demand for talented professionals like yourself.

Sales Development Representative jobs

The sales development function in a QMS software company builds awareness and initial interest with prospects.  The Sales Development team toes the line between marketing and sales functions of the SaaS company.

Typical touch points for selling into companies that use QMS software include

Information Technology | Information Systems

  • CIO | Chief Information Officer
  • CTO | Chief Technology Officer
  • VP of IS
  • VP of IT

Manufacturing | Operations

  • COO | Chief Operations Officer
  • VP of Operations | Vice President of Operations
  • VP of Manufacturing | Vice President of Manufacturing
  • Plant Management

Quality | Product Safety

  • Chief Quality Officer
  • Brand Integrity Officer
  • VP of Regulatory Affairs
  • VP of Quality | Vice President of Quality
  • VP of Food Safety | Vice President of Food Safety

The 3 main tasks they’re responsible for are building awareness, connecting and qualifying prospects(inbound and outbound). 

People who work in sales development are responsible for creating awareness and interacting with clients before anyone else on the sales team.

The skill sets required for an SDR depend on how heavily the QMS software company leans on the Sales Development Reps to IDENTIFY prospects and evangelize for the company versus the marketing team and their resources.

If the marketing team is generating a strong pipeline of leads, then the SDR will spend more of their team qualifying.

If the marketing team isn’t fully built out OR are focused on other areas of the business, then the SDR team takes on more identification, evangelizing and building out pools of prospective customers.

Sales Development Representative(SDR) Job Description

  • Make initial contact with potentials customers that are considering purchase of QMS software
  • Qualify for interest & need
  • Qualify for budget
  • Qualify for timing of purchase
SaaS sales funnel for SaaS companies | SaaS sales job responsibilities SaaS sales funnel

Account Executive jobs with QMS software companies

In many QMS software companies, the BDR and Sales Development Representatives(SDRs) hand off qualified leads to an Account Executive.

Account Executives are typically responsible for taking a lead from initial interest through contract or subscription closing. 

This will include further qualification of the prospect for their budget, their motivation for purpose and, if the demo and use case is satisfied to their linking, when they will sign a contract.

In the absence of a BDR, the Account Executive role may be personally responsible for generating their own leads.

An AE job in a QMS software company will typically be responsible for “closing” business and will typically have a larger commission component to their compensation plan than an Account Manager or Sales Development Rep(SDR).

Account Executives can have different names and can be “teamed up” in different ways depending on the QMS software company’s go to market(GTM) strategy.

Regional Sales Managers | QMS Software

Regional Sales Managers could be responsible for a geographical location; for example, a company many employ 4 RSM(Regional Sales Managers) accountable for Northeast, Southeast, Northwest and Southwest.  

Each RSM would be accountable for ALL new revenue for QMS software in that physical territory.

Vertical Market Sales | QMS Software

In QMS software companies that customize their solutions to each regulated industry they service, the company may employ Account Executives who focus on specific vertical markets. 

For example, a company may employ 6 SaaS Account Executives, each of which are responsible for revenue generation in each niche.

  • Life Sciences
  • Food & Beverage
  • Consumer Products(CPG)

SaaS Account Executive teams can also be segmented by the size of the companies they call on.

Enterprise SaaS Sales professionals could be responsible for a portfolio of target accounts that are a particular size(Fortune 500 manufacturers or even more specific and targeted – example: Top 100 Food & Beverage companies

What QMS software companies look for when hiring sales representatives

The QMS software, because its core customer base tends to be regulated, typically requires familiarity navigating the confusing and ever-changing requirements, certifications and rules that regulatory bodies impose on QMS software customers.

These dynamics can lengthen the sales cycle, increase the amount of decision makers, not to mention the QMS software has to be implemented without disrupting other manufacturing systems(ERP, PLM, MES, SCM, etc) that are already in place.

Our clients typically look for mid-market to enterprise level sales executives who’ve called at the higher level of these companies and who have a track record of success selling in a manufacturing setting.

QMS software companies look for solutions-based sales representatives that have experience selling software products or services into the manufacturing ecosystem.

QMS software sales jobs we fill are typically mid to enterprise-level roles as well – our clients look for a specific amount of experience selling into specific industry segments.

Our QMS software clients DO hire candidates who’ve worked in Quality, Operations and IS / IT at manufacturing companies, but it is less common when we are recruiting for mid to enterprise level SaaS sales jobs.

Experience selling cloud-based SaaS solutions is always preferred and with that, a strong technical background is preferred.  

Since these solutions are often deployed in tandem with other IT solutions, a CIO or CTO will often be involved on the customer side.  

Experience selling solutions at this level is extremely important in most cases.

Find your next sales job with QMS software companies

If you’re currently working for and responsible for generating revenue as a SaaS sales professional, it takes up a tremendous amount of your time and energy.

It’s also next to impossible to stay on top of industry trends, up and coming companies, competitors getting funded or the mergers and acquisitions that occur at a rapid pace within SaaS companies with a Life Sciences, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and CPG(consumer product goods) customer base.

That’s where Gulf Stream Search, a recruiting firm that specializes in placing top SaaS sales professionals, can help – we stay abreast of industry trends plus have access and an “open door” policy with many founders within the space.  We’ll help you gain access to hard to find sales jobs with QMS software companies.

We often have the inside track on a founder’s preference for when and what type of experience they may be looking for in a new sales hire.

If you’re open to starting a dialogue about your career in SaaS sales and how we can discreetly and confidentially give you access to timely and strategic SaaS sales jobs with emerging and growing SaaS companies, then let’s connect.

We’ll help you identify your next SaaS sales job with a growing SaaS software company.

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