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Real estate industry blog

Welcome to Gulf Stream Search’s real estate industry blog, a leading executive search and staffing company specializing in the real estate, real estate technology and the proptech industry.

You’ll find a compilation of our team’s valuable insights and expertise, providing a wealth of information for professionals and businesses across the entire real estate ecosystem, new tech and old school.

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About Gulf Stream Search

Gulf Stream Search connects top talent with innovative companies shaping real estate’s future.

As a leading prop tech recruiter, we grasp the challenges and opportunities in the property technology landscape. 

Our experts assist real estate technology startups, investors, and established firms in identifying, assessing and capturing top talent for their teams and projects.

We excel at identifying and capturing hard-to-find talent for our clients.

Gulf Stream Search is more than a recruiting company or search firm – we’re strategic partners in our clients’ growth and success. 

Our expertise spans real estate technology, commercial real estate technology, and emerging industry trends.

Whether you’re a prop tech company seeking top talent or a professional pursuing a real estate technology career, Gulf Stream Search is here to help.