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Bob Pudlock

Thought leadership articles by Bob Pudlock

This page includes thought leadership articles written by Bob Pudlock.

Some of these articles, case studies and thought leadership pieces have been paid contributions or have been at the request of media outlets, trade associations, industry leaders or partners.

In 2019, Food Safety Tech requested a series of articles that focused on Food Safety and Talent Acquisition.

The audience for the article was the following:

Founders and executives at food, beverage, ingredient, flavor, nutraceutical and pet food manufacturers and brands who are hiring food safety, quality, supplier quality and operations quality talent for their companies.

As an executive search, talent acquisition and candidate assessment expert at Gulf Stream Search, I outlined the three primary stages of the hiring process that we use in every search we conduct at Gulf Stream Search and applied them directly to searches that fall under the Food Safety and Quality(FSQA) umbrella.

Food Safety Consortium moderator & speaker

At the 2019 Food Safety Consortium hosted by Food Safety Tech, I moderated a discussion amongst several Food Safety executives from food manufacturing, contract manufacturing, corporate QSR Food Safety and beverage manufacturing.

We discussed how Food Safety & Quality professionals carry a heavy obligation in their careers that requires them to walk a tightrope between protecting the consumer and helping their company stay profitable and within the FSQA guidelines relevant to the FDA and USDA.

Intelex: Thought leadership Ebook by Bob Pudlock on food industry pandemic response

In the midst of the Covid-19 outbreak in the US, Intelex requested my industry insight, observations and perspective as to how the food and beverage manufacturing industry was responding to the human crisis that was occurring inside of manufacturing plants.

The case study and industry insights I provided were specific to how company leadership could more effectively connect and empathize with the human conflict occurring in their employees relative to caring for their families, balancing the risk involved with showing up for work(or not) and balancing profit and liability.

You can download and read the Covid-19 food industry case study by Bob Pudlock here.

Food Safety Culture & Talent Acquisition

I’ve written several articles on the concept of Food Safety Culture and whether a “safety culture” can be a profit center or “money maker” for companies long-term.

My belief is that Safety and Quality are inherently “defensive” positions that companies employ, whether it be in the food industry, nuclear waste, national defense, aerospace or automotive industries.

BUT, that does not mean the company has to be reactive.

I insist that a company can take the lead in developing proactive strategies for quality and safety that are “offensive” and, in the medium to long-term drive revenue AND profit for companies.

Through a multitude of strategies, including how employers identify, assess and capture top Safety & Quality talent, a company can achieve levels of success not matched by companies simply chasing minimum standards set by government and industry regulators.

Two of my articles can be viewed HERE and HERE.

SaaS Software thought leadership articles by Bob Pudlock

Intelex EHSQ Software: Getting buy-in from senior leadership

One of the big challenges that Quality, Food Safety, Supplier Quality, Auditors and Operations Quality professionals have is getting budgets approved for enterprise software applications like Intelex’s Environmental Health, Safety and Quality platform.

I wrote an EHS and Quality industry insights piece for leaders in this space to help them understand how best to position and pitch their proposals to executive leadership and boards of directors.

You can download the EHSQ E-book by Bob Pudlock here.

Real Estate Industry Articles

RealTrends is a media company for residential real estate leaders and creates newsletters, conferences, and publications.

In 2023, I became an “Industry Voice” for RealTrends and am contributing on a periodic basis.

How to stay focused on your real estate strategic plan

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