Believe it or not, I suggest to candidates all the time they’re not ready to make a job change.

One of the worst things a person can do is leave a role they’re frustrated in without having first done everything in their power to solve the frustrations or confront the people they’re having problems with.

Some people would rather leave their current job than have an uncomfortable conversation with their boss about what’s bothering them.

Some would rather leave than stick up for themselves at review time and ask for a promotion or a transfer.

People that run away from a bad situation are usually destined to relive the circumstances in which they tried to escape. Wherever they eventually go, they are still stuck with themselves and their habits and beliefs and weaknesses. 2 or 3 jobs later, it finally dawns on them that they themselves been the issue all along – their unwillingness to confront their own personal shortcomings is the cause of their career malaise, no one or no company is to blame.

How to prevent this?

If you’re considering a change and feel like you need to escape your current company, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What is bothering me about my current role?
  2. What are 2-3 things that I can do to change the situation?
  3. Who do I need to talk to express my concerns and talk out possible solutions?
  4. Why haven’t I already done this? Am I afraid to confront my boss? Am I afraid of what they might say? Am I afraid they might tell me what I’m doing wrong? Am I afraid to speak up for myself? Do I not want to go through the discomfort?

If you are introspective and diligent about this exercise, you’ll be afforded the opportunity for a great amount of personal growth. For one, you’ll have worked through your fears. Secondly, you’ll gift yourself the realization that you held nothing back in making your life and job and career better. Finally, if you do end up leaving, you’ll do so without regret and no “what if’s”.

Bob Pudlock is the President of Gulf Stream Search and Managing Partner of ENGINEERING JOBS IN FLORIDA, an executive search firm based in Jupiter, FL. He can be reached at (561) 450-9490 or

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